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Small Group Training 

Stretching Fitness

Who is it for?

Small group training is perfect for anyone looking for a structured workout and program that doesn't require one on one attention from a coach! Because of this, we recommend that you have some experience lifting weights and working out in the gym before signing up for a small group training class. If you are not sure if this class would be the right fit for you, please do not hesitate to reach out! If you are not quite ready for small group training we recommend booking a one on one session where we will go over the basic movements that are performed in our small group classes so you will feel confident in class!

A good way to think of small group training is as a cross between personal training and group fitness. Unlike regular group fitness classes these classes are capped at a smaller number of participants. This ensures that each client gets the attention and help they deserve in class! While the programming isn't designed specifically for you like it is with one on one personal training,  small class sizes make it easy to make adjustments based on your individual goals and needs. 


Single Session: $37

10 Pack $350 ($35 per session)


20 Pack $660 ($33 per session)

30 Pack $930 ($31 per session)


New Client Deals (One time purchase per client please contact us to redeem) 

First Class $25


The Program

Our Small Group Training classes focus on full body strength training and are based on a monthly program. The program can be done one, two, three or four days a week depending on your individual needs and goals. For more information on how the program is structured please feel free to reach out!

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